Rwanda Karaba

Cherry, Lime, Toffee


Bourbon, Jackson Bourbon
Apr. – Jul. ’18


Karaba is bright and aromatic. Expect complex citric and red berry flavors in a cup we prefer highlighted in a brewer that emphasizes acidity, like the V60, or as a specialty-style espresso.

Cherry, Lime, Toffee
Size 12oz 4-pack of 12oz retail bags 5lb bag
Coffee Grind Whole Bean Percolator / Cold Brew French Press Kalita V60 Espresso
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Origin: Small farms local to Karaba Village, Ginkongoro prefecture, Nyamasheke, Rwanda

We carry a select few Rwandan coffees every year, tasting as many as we can as the new harvest comes in. This lot from Karaba village, washed and processed into cherry at the award-winning Nyrusiza washing mill, is a bright, fruit-forward, and overall elegant example of the Rwandan profile. Citric and grape flavors make up a mouth-cleansing acidity in a clean, complex cup.